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I noticed during the wildfires last year, that I don't function as well if I am under stress, even if I'm not immediately in danger or really impacted. Just deciding what to make for dinner was a challenge. There was plenty of food, but what to make. Now I have a set easy emergency meals (pasta) to make so we can carry on normally and so I can make sure the kids aren't stressed. Don't try to go out to eat if a lot of people are evacuated nearby, the restaurants will be jam packed and possibly understaffed to boot. This year's fires were closer but not to the point that we were really worried. In retrospect we did a decent job evacuating, getting the most important things that insurance can't replace, making a video of our possessions for insurance purposes, and doing it without worrying our kids. We're working on a checklist for next time in case it is necessary to do it in only 5-10 minutes.