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Another dumb thing I have seen would be in the 'lack of preparedness' category. We live in the Ozarks and are 17 miles from the nearest town. This area is not heavily populated, but we have new families moving here on a fairly steady basis. Not having amenities close at hand, most of us are fairly self sufficient. We know how to "get things done" and what it takes to do so. Our winters can range from mild (not a lot of snow) to severe (lots of snow and ice). Our area is hilly and can be quite steep in places, so most folks have some kind of 4WD vehicle to depend on. Part of our regular winter preps are: trickle chargers, diesel supplement, gasoline supplement, a change of oil, etc, for the trucks and tractors. Also, water heaters, blankets, cover, and wind breaks for the livestock. For ourselves; wood, small propane canisters (to power cook stoves and room size heaters), canned foods (both store bought and home made), candles, solar lighting, lots of quilts, cold weather clothing (layers are best). That is just for starters. You need to be able to take care of yourself and loved ones if the power goes out, or if the conditions are more severe than usual. Even if you move here from a warmer climate, you would know to make winter preparations to and for your equipment, trucks, tractors, and livestock. Right? .... Right??? Well, maybe not. It is surprising to me the people who do not take into consideration that it is risky for folks to come out and rescue them if they are not able to take care of themselves or their stock. The majority of our roads are dirt. It might take a couple of days (or more) to get the roads cleared. Especially if conditions are more severe than normal. They cannot get hay to their livestock, if their tractor won't start. They cannot heat even a small room if they did not have the foresight to get a camping heater and propane tanks for it. They will eat cold yucky food if they do not have a way to heat it. So what do they do if they are not prepared? They call someone for help. Most folks are glad to help others. But, why should anyone have to endanger themselves to rescue someone who was foolish? Sometimes a lack of preparations is just foolish.