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SW Idaho gets some brisk straight line winds but I seem to be the only person that brings in my garbage cans for at least a couple of blocks in each direction.
We had a windstorm last spring and it knocked out power all across SW Idaho many rural (tranplanted city) folks had no water for several days without an "electric" pump runing and the city of Twin Falls had NO backup system at all if electricity failed for more than a few hours.
Ironically I had just run my 5 day no water test about 6 weeks prior to the storm and I was very aware of what I needed to do for a water outage. Thank you Kellene for the "no water practice test"!
I now have plenty of drinking water stored, another 300 gallons in rain barrels, 2 big 5 gallon Igloo type jugs for storing hot water overnight as modified hot water tanks along with a portable propane camp shower/small water pump that runs on D cell batteries. I'm slowly adding 15 gallon food safe water barrels for family members and neighbors I can't convince to prepare ( four are full and two are still in stand by mode). My Mom said I could provide a hot shower or bath or clean drinking water as a trade good if a collapse happens.

I now do a walk through when I see any storm warning in the news and double check all flashlights, fill up all lamps kerosene or oil lamps and make sure the wicks are trimmed, and do any cleaning that requires power like laundry or vacuming. Make sure I'm good on my bread baking and fill all Ice trays or water jugs for freezing to keep the fridge cool and full. Make sure all radios and cell phones have a full charge and rince and soak some beans I can cook on the propane camp stove or solar oven depending on the weather. Make some coffee (store in thermos) and throw some steel cut oats in the crock pot /thermos for breakfast in the AM.

Talk about your peace and no/little stress before a storm. This is it!