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I hope this is where to post for contest..Dumb things....My mother wears hearing aids, can not hear without them. She also is an insulin user. She has a weather radio, I bought it for her, she has it set for only our county, so has no idea of what may be coming at us from the county near us. She knows when storms are going to hit us at night, I call her to make sure she knows. She will head off to bed, take out her hearing aids, only thing that wakes her is the lightening. By that time it is often way too late for her to get in a car and drive just the few hundred feet to our basement to hide. If she does make it here in time, she never has her insulin with her. Most of the time she ends up hiding in her bathroom..Now mind you, that would be okay, if she didn't live in a dang Mobil Home...grrrrrrrr