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I have lived in Florida my entire life. We have always been prepared for storms. I remember when i was little we already had the preparations we needed (food, water, gas, cash....everything on the lists) but my Mom would save even more water. She would get out all the tupperware, pitchers and anything that would hold water and fill them up. She would also fill up the tubs with water (for flushing toilets and washing dishes and we would use the shower until the storm passed. Then after the store went through if everything was fine and dandy she would water the plants with the water from the containers for the next three weeks. We would use a bucket to flush the toilets with from the tubs to conserve the water, even though we still had water and electricity. To this day I still do everything at my own home exactly how she did it. We store food, water and other items year round. When a hurricane is on the water we start filling the tubs and checking our supplies again and again. We are NEVER those people that have to RUN to the stores in ANY situation.
We never tell anyone that we are prepared because we do not want them knocking on our door or gunning it down.
A few of our neighbors are under the impression that the government will step in and save them. I have tried to talk to them before but they put that wall up.