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I love, love, love to just shake my head every time I watch a natural disaster on the news. My favorite is the guy that refused to leave his beloved mountain that was about to volcano all up in his business. Not sure if they ever found him.
First of all, do the news reporters really feel they need to be right smack in the middle of said disaster. Yes I laugh when they get knocked over. Second all the college kids that are filmed by said reporter, running around half naked, hootin' and hollerin' about how awesome the surfing is, as a huge tree branch comes flying past and scares them...then they start laughing again. Thirdly the aftermath of it all when everyone comes out and runs to the only atm with power then goes to the pub or finds the weary reporter to whine about how they don't have power 2 hours after the storm passed.
Yes I was once one of these. My very first hurricane, we lived in an old apartment on the top floor with huge old oak trees all around. We waited until the storm past and were out acting crazy with the college kids. Stupid me didn't realize this was the eye of the storm, and was caught about 2 miles from me place. We didn't know anyone except co-workers at the time. We were very poor and young, had no supplies except the lighter, some candles, and a flashlight. We did have some canned/dry food but no way to cook it. Our tore up old car had less than 1/2 a tank of gas and there was a huge long line at the one gas station that had power and an atm. They had bumped up the price of gas by a good 20 cents from the day before. We ended up making it to the inlaws and stayed for a week. The only way we knew we had power was that the answering machine picked up.
Once we were in our first home I made a "kit" and we still use that today.