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OK... #3 comment. This was us, years ago. We lived in Nebraska. We had two tiny children and another one on the way. As far as preparedness, this is probably the dumbest thing we ever did. One evening we went grocery shopping... all of us. On the way home, there was a severe blizzard. We were inching along alright (sort of) until we had to turn and go parallel to the wind. Then we lost all visibility. The snow was coming down very fast, and it was dark outside. We had to stop the car. We had NOTHING in the car to help us. No blankets, NOTHING. After sitting there for a while, a local farmer, who lived very close by, came up behind us, stopped to help and we managed to follow him to his house where we stayed for 3 days. My husband was a hog farmer, and was able to walk to the farm to take care of his animals the next day. It wasn't easy. I shudder to think what could have happened to us if our angel had not come along. Ever since, I make sure I have a "kit" in my car. For that matter, it doesn't have to be a blizzard. Anything could happen and it could be impossible to get home where I have my food and water storage, candles, blankets, firewood, etc. It is essential to be prepared at all times.