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I have tried several ways to encourage my sisters to make at least minimal preparation for an emergency. I have been called "paranoid" more than once. When I showed my sisters a catalog of various freeze dried food the comment was "that's too expensive". I guess that starving is less expensive. One sister showed me her "emergency pantry" which consisted of a few cans of soup and a box of instant rice and some noodles. After spending 5 days without electricity this past winter due to heavy snow, I tried to tell them how important it was for us to be prepared for at least a week on our own. They live further North than I do, but they just don't seem to understand the urgency. We were saved because of canned meat, containers full of drinking water, 1 gallon jugs of water for toilets (it takes 3 gallons to flush one toilet) and I baked two loaves of bread the night before the storm and located candles and flashlights "just in case". They think we were just "lucky".