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Again, a story of my dear friend in Duluth. In this story, he was living just outside of Superior, Wisconsin, with his two little girls. He is busy being a dutiful dad, getting the girls ready for school, and neglects to hear the sirens blaring outside. One of the little girls asks him about it as they are getting into the car and he thinks its a test of the system and not to worry about it.
He realizes that there isn't too much traffic that morning and its kind of foggy on the road. He drives into the fogbank which goes on for several minutes and he and the girls smell an awful odor. The girls are covering their faces and begin to cry. He is coughing and his eyes are watering when he drives out of the fogbank and sees police and fire department vehicles, hazardous waste spill trucks and ambulances parked on the sides of the road with all of their lights flashing. He is flagged down and the car is rushed upon by EMTs who drag all of them out to wash them down and take them to the hospital because he has just driven them through a benzene spill caused by a tanker car derailment which had occurred at 5 oclock in the morning, and had he let the girls turn on the TV that morning or bothered to turn on a radio, even when he heard the sirens, they would have been spared serious illness and injury.
Two stories about the same fool is enough - you can't fix stupid.