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People can say this is faults all they want. The main issue, is this. You honestly don't think the government will start to attack the religious secs that threaten them? Or have you forgotten the History of the LDS church? If you do not know the History of the LDS church (Not what is found in all the Anti-moron Lit) you should take some time to find out. The government has never had a love for the LDS people or their self stationing ways. the Church has always been circumspect in their news and do what needs to be done to not state or put blame. Which is what they need to do. But I'm calling Government intervention on why there will be a "reduction" form the article on the church news. As stated on the LDS church news website, "The only thing being reduced over time is the number of locations at which members can purchase bulk food and can it themselves onsite." This is where it starts. Force them to close a few locations. Then a few more, then a few more, then what is left? If they force it enough the system will break. The government can then stand there, bragging how the charities of the churches can not compete with the welfare of the government. The only thing the government is good at is regulating things out of existence.