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I am not LDS but have always marveled at the Church's commitment in the food survival activity. Dear members this is simply another attack on Christians, remember that Christians of any vein are on the top of the government terrorists list. I remember that FBI raid on that cannery in the east and thought how horrible it was and how brave the people were who stood up to the government. When Obama ran for his second term he said he had not finished yet, this is part of it. To those people who do not see this and scoff and ridicule those that prepare, well there is nothing that can take off those blinders. Maybe they will see when they are being herder into a FEMA camp. How can a government have control over it's people when those people are busy taking care of themselves, they have to take away our self sufficiency so they can control us. I keep hearing that it wasn't raining when Noah build his ark. Kaleen, thank you for your tireless work and those great recipes, something is on it's way I can feel it.