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My father-in-law uses bubble gum on moles and something he calls ground squirrels that are more like small prarie dogs. He swears by it. He won't use poison just in-case one of his dogs digs up a critter and eats it. I've used gum and peanutbutter. Mice eat both out of the traps without setting them off. They are very small mice. I swear, they sit and lick all the peanutbutter off and walk away fat and happy. So far we only have caught them in the garage but I worry they could be in or come into the house even though we have not seen any signs inside. As far as cats, keep in mind they will also kill rabbits, birds and squirrels which may be one of your food sources in hard times. Do you really want to fight the cat over a rabbit for dinner? Or worse yet there will be none around because the cat killed them all off. Besides, like Kellene said, if your cat catches mice they (the cat) can carry the diseases that the mice may have. Keep this in mind if it's allowed in the house.