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It's worth mentioning that the soft plastic lids that you can put on #10 cans after opening do not deter mice. We lost an entire container of powdered cheese by trusting a lid. Eww, gross, expensive! When I open cheese or egg cans now, I put them in the fridge--but the fridge gets full faster that way. Grrr. Since we expect to lose electricity eventually I'm not crazy about the idea of buying another fridge.

The mice also chewed through the little plastic seals used to "Pump-N-Seal" jars; they couldn't get to the food through the metal lids, but they did uncover the holes and let air in. Grrr. I had to go through my entire supply of jars and move unsealed ones to the kitchen to be used first and the rest into plastic tubs for an additional layer of protection. They especially liked carrots and peppers and tomatoes, so when I open my #10 cans of those things I will have to bring them in, too.

That was the last straw--we adopted a cat and the mice population dropped drastically. However, there was a period of time when we couldn't let the cat in the storage area by itself because there was a lot of jumping around in there--and several jars of food got knocked off shelves and destroyed. Solution--put guards on the FRONT of the shelves, too.

The cats (yes, we adopted a second one to keep the first one company) don't seem interested in the storage area anymore, so I guess the mice are gone for now. But, yes, I expect as things get worse they will come back so we'll have to keep our guard up constantly. BTW, our cats are indoor cats/outdoor cats. It's too cold here for them to stay outside in the winter and we don't like to leave them outside at night anyway. Getting a chance to get outside gave the second cat an opportunity to learn to hunt and she's now our designated fly/bee/moth catcher. Even birds, dang it. She brought in a live bird which somehow managed to get into the walls and, we assume, died in there--behind my desk. Grrr...