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I have also learned in the past that some rats can actually get the food and not trip the trap. We now will wrap a little thread around the part the food is placed. Then we add a little peanut butter. The little creeps teeth get stuck in the thread and then BOOM!!!! dead rat. lol. Just a couple months ago we saw a mouse and of course set a trap. The trap was gone the next morning when we checked it. It was in my kitchen. We looked all around and could not find it. I was freaking cuz I knew the smell would be horrible. Later that night I happen to see a movement under the front of the fridge. I looked and saw a little of the trap and a tail. I of course started screaming. lol..the little jerk was still alive in the trap. My husband of course got it out while I was standing on the window seat. This was not a huge rat but a little mouse. Its just the way the trap hit it I guess that did not kill it. YUK