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Yes, that is a nice generator, until you run out of gas, either by putting it into your car or into your generator. And, when you have no more gas, you have no more use for your generator, other than as a large paper-weight, while the Humless can be recharged by solar panel and continue being used and useful.
The point being that you are not comparing apples to apples but are making generic statements that have no basis.
I agree that a larger generator will power more appliances. I agree that a battery is not a generator (no one said it was, only said that the inverter generates electricity off of energy stored in the battery). I agree that people need to do their homework to decide which solution is best for them and their particular needs.
That said, the Humless is a great solution for a great many people for their particular needs.
The Humless is a generator, pure and simple. It generates AC from DC, and still allows the DC to be used as-is. The fact that it needs an energy source to continue being useful should surprise no one, except those that believe you can get free energy from nothing.
However, unlike your generator, which I assume does not have the attachment for turning garbage into useable fuel, the Humless generator, with a simple attachment, can continue to be useful when the power is out by simply hooking up an attachment that turns solar energy into stored energy, which the Humless can then use.
That to me seems to be a significant advantage over any gas-type powered generator for the longer term under circumstances where you can no longer get gas out of the underground tanks because there is no electricity to run the pumps to do so.
I think you've made the point of the article stand out even better in that regard. Thanks.
- Scott (not Kellene)