Share your thoughts on the matter may be an elecrical engineer, I am not....however to say that solar panels are only fuel collectors is nonsense, unless you wish to expand your argument to say that electricity is fuel. I run a solar powered submersible well pump straight from my solar panels with no intervening batteries, etc. They obviously supply electricity. They obviously do that by converting sunlight to electricity, thus "generating electricity". By simple logic then your battery/inverter (Humless) is not a generator and has no way of generating electricity itself. It serves a storage capacity only. To call the inverter a generator is likewise illogical. It changes existing power, the electricity stored in the battery, from one form to another, 12 VDC to 120 VAC. Without daily recharges, under use, your Humless becomes a discharged battery which can generate nothing. It only stores what is generated elsewhere by some other means. Not trying to denigrate you or the Humless. I just like precision in the language of adverising.