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My 2000 watt, 50 lb, 58 decible Yamaha "generator", with 10 gal of rotated gasoline, which I keep stocked anyway to put into my car if emergency requires, will run more appliances with less hassle for a much longer time at 1/2 the cost of a Humless. Again....not saying Humless has no place in preparedness, just that as a cost effective replacement for a "traditional" generator I believe there are much better choices that cover a much broader range of uses than does the Humless. Calling a battery a generator is still a pretty loose interpretation of the term as far as I am concerned, and gives someone who isn't 100% knowledgeble a false sense of what he is getting. In a car, for example, the battery is in no way considered a generator. It stores power. The alternator is what "generates" the power. All I want is for potential purchasers to know exactly what they are buying.