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It was very difficult for me to make the transition in thinking from NEVER feeding bones to dogs to feeding them several times a week! The difference, which I had never thought of (until taught) was between raw and cooked bones. One person who was feeding whole fish to his dogs, I asked, "have you ever had a fish bone caught in your throat?" His response was, "have you ever eaten a raw fish?" So, there ya' go. I, who would take extra precaution in my disposal of chicken bones, to avoid my pups stealing them from the trash, NOW buy chicken necks for my small dogs and feed them raw. The tutorial had said "turkey" necks, but my dogs are too small for turkey necks, so chicken it is and we've never had a problem. One of my dogs has that chihuahua throat that is apparently narrow, which means she sometimes drinks water and hacks up some of it that doesn't make it past her throat, but she has no problem wtih raw chicken bones. I also, would never feed ANY cooked bones, no matter how large the bone OR the dog. Those are the ones that splinter, not the raw ones. I have recently tried to start switching my pups to high quality dry food instead of the frozen they have been eating for over a year....just in preparation of SHTF situation of no electricity. I guess we'll all see what we'll ultimately be faced with, but as far as wild squirrel and rabbit, unless you trap, ti's my understanding that we will be in a sans guns situation, so no real sure how this will work, but my feral cats have caught birds before and may get more handy at it than they are now. With the destruction of wild area in most towns (with no consideration for the wildlife that has been displaced), we are seeing more small animals right here in city, which also bring the displaced birds of prey into the same area, vying for the relocated small mammals as well ....they'll also settle for the feral cats too......nothing we, as humans, haven't brought on ourselves though!