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From all I have read (for the last 2 years), wild canines such as wolves, coyotes, etc.), when eating wild, will consume the stomach of herbivores such as rabbits to get the vegetation that they have consumed. That would indicate a need for, at least, some vegetable matter. If my dogs eat too much meat without the right balance of vegetables, they will eat grass and some ground cover in my yard, not to vomit it up, as when their stomachs are upset, but to balance their diets. Do I think they need, rice and pea flour that is in, even some of the BEST commercial dog foods? Probably not, though I think it is fine. What I DON'T agree with is the unnaturally processed meats that contain the preservatives needed to hold quality to the shelf life of the dry food. Some companies ( like for human food) use good anti-oxidents and some use more unhealthy ones. Anyway, that is the reason for vegetables in their diet.