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Read your labels when purchasing dog treats and food. Beware if it's made in China. Many many dogs have been killed from the poisons that are included in their products. Even food made here can be made from ingredients purchased from them!

My local grocery puts chicken legs/thighs on sale frequently - sometimes as low as 29¢/ lb, but usually 39 or 49¢. Hubby and I pressure can the meat, with the skin removed, and add it with their dry food, rice, and leftover veggies. (We cook it for 105 minutes at 10# pressure. The bones are then soft enough to crush, and the dogs get them too.) Usually not many veggies, because veggie scraps to to our chickens too. In a survival mode, we will give them eggs from our chickens too. We have 5 large dogs, and it's expensive to feed them. 4 were rescue dogs (dump-offs/throwaways) that will not be replaced when they die, (well, probably one) so the expense will go down one day.