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Great article with a complete list of "no-no's". I knew of some but certainly not all.

I've been making my wet pet food for a while and have come up with a few options. I have a "mix" of cooked ground turkey, veggies, salt-free chicken broth and cooked oatmeal. (We're allergic to corn products in pet foods.) I scoop this into 2/3 cup "patties" and freeze individually on cookie sheets then bag and put back into freezer for storage. Power outage? That would definitely be a problem so I began to can the cooked ground turkey (no salt) as well as ground beef. I've canned lots of chicken for us and will definitely "share" when needed. Dry food (crunchies to our little companion. aka burgler alarm) is stored one bag "ahead" in my freezer so as to not spoil due to the oils in the food. Obviously a small dog has smaller needs but thinking ahead really is important.

I did not know about yeast breads turning into alcohol in the tummy.
Honestly, what would we do without all of this useful info?