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Love this info! Just a note...I have a three-legged Lab who can run like the wind,(she doesn't know her front leg is missing because it was surgically removed while she was a pup). Because of her "handicap," I have to keep her weight in check. My vet suggested that instead of store-bought dog treats, that are loaded with calories, to see if she would munch on crunchy vegetables, like carrots, lettuce, etc. This crazy dog LOVES carrots, lettuce, canned green beans and my other 4 dogs don't want her to get all the good stuff, so they eat it too! My tiniest baby, a miniature Chihuahua absolutely loves fresh tomatoes, but I limit them because of the acid. Finding nutritional dog food at a good price isn't easy because usually the first ingredient is corn--not so great for my pups. My cats are another story, they are finicky little things, which is natural. I don't ever give my pups chicken bones because I'm afraid they'll splinter and cause internal perforations. If we're lucky enough to have t-bones for dinner, I'll freeze the bones until I have one for each dog and then they can each have a special treat. I'm trying to store more food for them as I have extra cash. Other than the Lord above, our furry friends are the only creatures who love us UNCONDITIONALLY and I'm doing my best to care for those babies! Go give yours a snuggle right now! :) Thanks for all you do, Kellene!