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I do use a good dried dog and cat food. I store my critters food the same as mine as well as a little DE and they have done great on it. I even measured out how much water they would need daily and added it to my water storage. But I love the recipes and will try them out and add slowly to their diets.
Kellene have you thought about donating some of the pet food to the local shelter? I know here, the county shelter will give away donated dog and cat food to folks. I know not a perfect solution but it may free up some space for your storage and help folks feed pets.
All to many folks think of pets as disposable items, Or think they can take them with them to a shelter during an emergency. I know pets will not be welcomed at most shelters, and they must be prepped just like all members of a family and community. My thing next month is getting a chest harness for all pets so I can control them and keep them safe. Especially the cat, she's an explorer. I would also recommend recent pics and a keep at least a copy of shot records in your grab and go paperwork or files.