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Um, I believe I prioritized raw food as number one in the part of the article that reads "the ideal food for your canines is actually 1/3rd raw protein and produce (2/3rds) with some quality grains. The secondary preference is real, honest to goodness freshly cooked food. Next is quality canned foods and the last on the list is the dry stuff. " would concur with your raw food assertion. Thus being "way off" wouldn't apply here. So tell me, exactly how does one "be prepared" with a years supply of raw food for their dogs?? Raw foods are also ideal for man, but not realistic in most types of significant crisis. Even with all of our modern-day technologies, raw food eaters struggle to consume raw all of the time. Geesh. I'm all for additional expertise to enhance and article, but I think you're "way off" on the topic in which I hold expertise--preparedness.