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While I applaud your preparedness for your animal babies but you are way off on what canines require for food. I would recommend RawK9 at yahoo. Did you know before the advent of commercial dog food most K9s had an average life span of 22-24 years +. You need to do some research and understand that dogs are only a few percentage points (genetically) removed from wolves, even your adorable babies. Raw is best for your babies, not cooked, and bones, raw meaty bones. How do you think they keep their teeth clean? No load bearing bones from large animals, though. Avian bones are hollow and soft, no problems with those. Also, consider that vet schools are subsidized by, wait for it... veterinarian pharmaceutical and commercial dog food companies. Cooking removes all the nutrients from the meat. Just think about what a wolf in the wild eats, yeah, not casseroles, not vegetables, and absolutely no grains! Let me put it this way, you know the dog bones from TV, they are suppose to take care of tartar. If that was true, why do you still have to have your babies teeth scaled? Dogs do not possess the neccessary acids to break down grains in their saliva, or in their stomachs. Do you dogs have gas and bad breath? Grain ferments in their stomachs. Canned dog food is made up from the 3 "D"'s dead, diseased, and dying animals, including members of their own species!
My dogs are raw fed, have gleeming white teeth, never have gas and have no odor to their breath. They maintain a healthy body weight, have gleeming coats and tons of energy. Scottish Terriers are notorious for skin problems, not mine. Their hair is suppose to grow very slowly, not mine.
I say if you want to be prepared, feed them raw, it is easy and economical. If you are providing food for your family (considering how small your dogs are) portioning out food for them should be easy.
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