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Still working on getting the pet food thing ironed out; dogs, fish, chickens. Seeing what I can grow to keep the feed bill down and in the event of no-more-feed-store, what are the alternatives. has a good bit of info. I can make your biscuits because I store a lot of flour and have eggs because of the chickens. Tilapia can live on greens so that's relatively easy. Chickens can free range and bones from the tilapia can help with calcium. The dog can eat varmints(rabbits, squirrels, etc.) that are killed and cooked down along with tilapia and eggs. I think the casserole idea works for now but I'm not sure I want to spoil her that much! ;) Thanks for the list of no-no's, despite the fact they seem to eat and drink nearly anything, it's important to realize the pets don't always differentiate between good and bad until it's too late. And I know it sounds gross but FRESH road kill is also an option. Old timer neighbor says that he's grabbed several fresh deer kills and fed the cooked and uncooked to his dogs. Years ago I read that deer-car accidents called into the PA State Police meant the deer went to a local prison for use in meals...Thanks for the great post!