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Well, I walked myself through the dog-after-doomsday scenario after reading "One Second After" in which he watches his dogs starving to death, wishes he had some dog food on hand so that he could eat it himself, and then ends up eating the dogs. (Sorry for the spoilers if you haven't already read the book.) After that I filled a couple rubbermaid garbage cans (with locking lids) with dry dog food, and then filled several rubbermaid tubs with canned dog food, because I am not going to feel like cooking for my dog after a catastrophe. I also added a whole gob of rawhide chews, which I can buy in packages of 20 for a buck at the local Dollar Store. In "One Second After" he is desperate enough to eat dog food, and rawhide chews (the unflavored kind) would make for excellent people food if the nation is in starvation mode. Not that you're going to gnaw on a rawhide strip. Rather, boil it- for days. The water will become gelatinous (this is where gelatin comes from, folks) and then can be used as a nutritious base for vegetable soups and venison stews and fish chowders. (There have been many accounts of stranded explorers boiling their shoe leather. Same thing.) If you're NOT in starvation mode, the dogs will appreciate the rawhide treat-- or you can feed the dogs the gelatinous broth. Dogs LOVE shoe leather broth, trust me on that.