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I feel like I have not prepped enough and we are always putting items in a food Pantry.. I am sure we have enough of some food for atleast a year so far and we are budgetting for even more. Well guns are not a problem cause he hunts and fish, so we can have meat. I am learning how to can and just got in my foodsaver jar sealers, and wil start using them also. We garden and have enjoyed it, can't wait for Feb. to start planeting again.
One of our biggest concerns is also getting our neighbors on board when you try talking to them they do like your have gone cockcoo and I realize most our very young and I asked them what would you do if you were in Hurrican Sandy. Most said don't know because I wasn't and Hirricanes are rare in Alabama.
I have lived n Flduring Hrricane Katrina and now that I live in Alabama, they have alot more Tornado's than Hurricanes and I want to be prepared and as I always tell Bill, it's better to be prepared and then got cought with your pants sown...
Kellene I am so glad I saw you on Doomsday Preppers and found your site you hve helpe me so very much and learning what companies to by supplies from. and your articles help me realize and the folks on here, that I am not alone.