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I didn't care for the "Sun Jar". It was woefully inadequate.
I'm satisfied with the combination of quality solar lights as I've suggested when used in conjunction with mirrors as a part of the backing. The ones I have actually provide over 8 hours of light worthy of reading. (Thank goodness!) I also have some of the great hurricane lanterns with a heavy base to prevent accidental tipping. Better yet is if we prepare ahead of time and have ceiling hooks throughout the house from which we can hang quality lanterns/lights. That way the tipping over factor is not as prominent. However, the hooks MUST be long enough so that we don't run the risk of causing a fire at the ceiling level.

The problem with a lot of the candles that are out there is if we consistently have to inhale what they are putting out. Lighting a candle or two for the fragrance or ambience is one thing, but having to live around them all of the time with the chemicals that are in them is a whole 'nother story. Thus I am adamant about not doing the "cheap" candles. No lead for me.