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no all I did is give some basic info. but I really hate all the negativity. she may have been afraid well with good reason. But she needs good data not some BS. Trust me I tried to convince my mom I was in good hands did not work out so well. Mom was willing to rip the faces off folks cause her girl was sick. It don't matter if she's 6 or 36 it's my kid. Not rational but human.
Kim all I have given you is to stretch out the insulin. I don't know any way of substitution of insulin. I only gave some out of the box thinking. But if it works for 60-90 days who cares. I think we could see nasty but I think most hospitals may make it. I may be wrong but if you follow our guidelines you got at least 30-90 days if not more. We are trying to make stuff work. Ask your doctor?