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In terms of the

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In terms of the prioritization you've listed, I respectfully believe that you're woefully incorrect. If you look through any emergency scenario, you'll see that the 10 Principles of Preparedness are more accurate in the reflection of the prioritization that one must tend to in a crises. But then again, what you're regurgitating is the standard military line which rarely takes into account the other aspects that are much more important than even water. Though Shelter does come before water, yes, Sanitation would come next as it's addressed by the Fuel Principle of Preparedness, and then comes water since fuel is a universal use to properly filter water.
When you say 'average person needs about 1 gallon of water a day for all water needs" you're clearly not talking about real average people. Rather you're reference a standard that's implemented by highly trained military professionals. 1 gallon of water a day is the MINIMUM ONLY for food preparation and drinking. You'll need more than that for cleaning, washing, sanitation, etc.

I love the Aquamira brand and highly recommend it as a source where a person can find reliable solutions to their water safety needs.