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Food is the Best Investment

[caption id="attachment_725" align="alignright" width="216" caption="Photo: James Davies"]Photo: James Davies[/caption] With the market being the way it is, many are asking what is the safest investment nowadays.  I’ll tell you.  FOOD.  FOOD is the BEST investment today.

Why?  Because if used properly, it’s life saving.  A meal today will always be worth a meal tomorrow.  Food is the best investment because Wall Street can never alter its impact on our appetites.

Better than FREE Food Storage!

Why don’t I believe someone who says they don’t have food storage because they can’t afford it?  Because chances are, these are the same folks who wouldn’t focus on food and water preparedness even if they had the funds.  Sad but true.  Why do I say this?  First of water storageall WATER STORAGE is FREE and yet I rarely see a person who has even a semblance of the amount of water they need.  Surely they have empty 2-liter bottles that they can use to store clean water in the event of an emergency.  And if they don’t, they sure as heck know someone who does.

But What about a Fire?

[caption id="attachment_693" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo c/o"]House fire[/caption] I’m not afraid of an earthquake.  I’m not afraid of a famine or a pandemic.  I’m not afraid of a nuclear attack.  And in some sadistic moments I hope that some idiot will actually try and harm me or my family so that I can put my firearm self-defense training to good use.  :)  Obviously, the absence of fear is one of the fruits of being prepared.  But what about a fire?

Preserving Fresh Eggs

 eggs As I’ve been writing and researching recipes for my Emergency Preparedness cookbook, I’ve had an aversion to using any of my recipes which include eggs except for baking recipes.  While you can use the old egg-substitute concoction of gelatin*, or dry packed eggs, these alternatives are really only good for baking.  Dog gone it.  I KNOW that I’m going to crave real eggs in the midst of a crisis.  So I wanted to figure out a way to preserve fresh eggs for me and my family.

Beans for Dessert

beansYou bet.  Even in an emergency you can feed your kids healthy, but scrumptious desserts!  Beans are incredibly versatile.  As you know they are also an excellent source of protein and Vitamin B, folic acid, niacin, and thiamine.  The human body even thrives when this particular food is relied upon.  It’s great for aiding digestive problems (ergo the creation of “Beano”), circulation, diabetes, and weight control.

Preparing for Babies in Your Food Storage

baby food

 While preparing main dishes for your family is necessary, it’s important to consider food for the non-nursing babies as well.  Due to the lack of preservatives in most baby foods, it’s not feasible to have enough baby-friendly foods stored in the event of survival living.  It also takes up a lot of valuable storage space.  If you’ve read my articles previously, then you know that I’m always trying to save space and find items that serve multiple purposes.  I take the exact same approach with food.  The nutritional value in baby food will deplete dramatically as it is stored, and yet in an emergency, it’s critical to ensure your child is getting the maximum nutrition in order to counteract the inevitable changes he or she will undergo.  So here are a few tips so that you can easily make your own infant-palate foods from the preparedness supplies that you’ll hopefully already have on hand.

Behold, the Solar Oven!

 Photo by Julia Kalloz

Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars are regularly spent by Americans on gadgets and gizmos to make their cooking experiences taste better.  Smokers, cedar planks, fancy grills, kitchen appliances, turkey fryers and more are all acquired with the intent to produce that ideal mouth-watering meal.  Given my love of cooking, it’s no wonder my friends constantly accuse me of having every kitchen gadget known to man—er… woman.  So it’s no surprise that I recently acquired yet another gadget, only to discover that not only did it produce the most amazing taste in foods I’ve prepared otherwise, but it was also ideal to use in the event of emergency survival.  No water.  No messy clean up.  No worries of scorching or burning.  No constant monitoring.  And no fuel of any kind is required.  The solar oven is now officially my new cooking nirvana.  

Firearms in Your Preparedness Supplies

[caption id="attachment_500" align="alignright" width="269"]

Firearms(Fair Warning: I'm speaking my mind a bit here with very little censoring...ahem...) In my opinion, any person who claims to be knowledgeable on the topic of  "emergency preparedness" but does NOT address the issue of firearms as a necessary component to  that kind of preparedness, is either a coward for not wanting to discuss such a “delicate” yet vital issue, or still has a long way to go in their quest for knowledge on the topic.  I have read and studied literally hundreds of books and “expert websites” on the topic of emergency preparedness, interviewed over 60 military, law enforcement and self-defense experts on the emergency preparedness and yet I have NEVER seen the need for firearms clearly addressed for any other purpose other than for “hunting” or the need to defend oneself against a roving pack of wild dogs.  Can we please dispense with the niceties and the "politically correct" discussions that have been created based on fear and hate-mongering rhetoric and let's talk in a very practical and common sense manner on the topic? I'm not talking about the "need" for a firearm so that you can kill someone who's hungry; I'm talking about the very realistic need of protecting yourself everyday AND in the midst of a disaster scenario. I'm all about restraining one's temper and only using fatal measures IF necessary, but there are many who won't even allow themselves to consider the reality of such measures being necessary. So, let's chat frankly for a moment, OK?


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