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UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Part 8 of 8

What to store in your food storage?

There are 3 aspects that you need to concern yourself with when it comes to your food storage.  Nutrition, preparation, and rotation.

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The nutrition aspect has to do with WHAT you store.  Be sure it’s not food that will simply enable you to survive, but THRIVE.  Feeding your body quality nutrition in a time of stress is critical.  It’s one thing to try and live off of fast food and such when you lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle.  You may not think of food much

UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Part 7 of 8

No, You’re Not Crazy

[caption id="attachment_1253" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Do you have a skeptical spouse? "]Do you have a skeptical spouse? [/caption]

How to influence that skeptical spouse when it comes to emergency preparedness efforts is a query I hear frequently in my line of work.  I affectionately call it the “$64 million dollar question.”  Surprisingly, the question isn’t dominated by one particular sex or the other, either.  I guess both men and women are equally skeptical when it comes to this topic.  Obviously, it is tough to have one member of the family focused on something so important without the support of knowledge, enthusiasm and additional expertise from the other.  Being on the same page for this sort of thing boils

UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Part 6 of 8

Food Storage.  It really doesn’t have to be complicated.

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When it comes to emergency preparedness, there are actually 10 different components to consider, listed below in order of priority:

UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Part 4 of 8

food-storage-shelvesHere’s one simple tip so you never have to worry about HOW to cook what’s in your food storage.

Many folks just plain don’t know how to cook with their food storage.  When I hear this, I ask people why they’re storing foods that are unfamiliar to them or their family?  Sure there are ideal lists which include long lasting grains and legumes, but if you’re not using such ingredients now to feed your family with, it’s not going to be helpful to them in an emergency.

UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Part 3 of 8

Yes, You Can Find Space

We’ve all thought it.  “Where in the world would I put a years supply of food storage?!”  Unfortunately, such a question leads many to not even attempt to be prepared for an emergency.

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When it comes to having somewhere to put your emergency preparedness supplies, it usually boils down to priorities.  I know you don’t want to hear that, and I realize this isn’t ALWAYS the case.  But throughout my emergency preparedness consulting, I’ve always been able to find “more room” for emergency preparedness

UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Part 2 of 8

Yes, You Can Afford It

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Let’s face it.  Watching your bags of groceries get smaller and smaller while the price goes up and up will overwhelm anyone--especially if you have food storage on the brain plus providing food for your family.  I don’t care how wealthy you are, paying more money for less groceries is upsetting, right?  Two nights ago I taught a class specifically to aid individuals in obtaining MORE groceries and other items for less.  To emphasize the message I created several dishes for the group of 40 people with serving sizes plenty for each person to try several tastes of each dish.  I made a dessert and two main dishes all for a total of $4.92.  I often tell people that

Swine Flu Update - Argentina

We've composed an update for you relative to the effects of Swine Flu in Argentina.  It's worth paying attention to...which is why I'm posting it for you all.

[caption id="attachment_1143" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner with Health Minister Dr. Juan Manzur, right. Photo c/o Enrique Marcarian/Reuters"]President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner with Health Minister Dr. Juan Manzur, right. Photo c/o Enrique Marcarian/Reuters[/caption]

July 8, 2009 from All Headline News

UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Preparedness Part 1 of 8

PreparednessWhen I speak to people about their emergency preparedness state of readiness, inevitably the conversation begins with food storage.  In fact, for most individuals, food storage is what they think of when they hear “emergency preparedness.”  This is actually a bit of a problem, because food storage is only one aspect out of my Ten Areas of Readiness I teach


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